Health benefits of Panikoorka/ Mexican mint for fever

Karpooravallli/Panikoorka/ Kana Koorka/Indian borage/Mexican mint for fever

Indian borage or Plectranthus amboinicus is a medicinal plant native to southern and eastern Africa, but travelled and settled worldwide through ancient maritime trade routes. Until I gave birth to my son, I never knew that such a plant even existed. Well, better late than never, I too understood a wide variety of benefits about this commonly found plant.    Indianborage_panikoorka_health benefits of Panikoorka

I do not intend to elaborate/ write the history and chemistry of this plant; instead, I would love to run down a list of benefits. Those who do not have the foggiest idea what it is can take a sneak peek at the picture so that you can spot or find this plant easily.

This plant is a must-have at every home as it is beneficial not only for kids but also for adults. This plant offers a variety of benefits, but I have listed only those tried and attempted by me at my home.

How to use Karpooravallli/Panikoorka/ Kana Koorka/Indian borage

Pluck fresh leaves and just heat it in on a pan for about 30 to 40 seconds until it changes the colour. Do not dry roast it as you will not get anything out of it. Take those leaves, squeeze the juice out of it, and consume as mentioned below

Panikoorka or Indian borage for cough, congestion, and fever

Indian borage is an excellent natural remedy for treating, cold, fever, and congestion without any side effects.

1) Dosage for babies
• Apply a few drops of this juice on the centre of the head and leave it. Do this once a day
• Another way is to take one tablespoon of the juice and mix it with the same quantity of honey or you can also use rock sugar ( Kalkandu) or palm sugar ( Panam kalkandu)

2) For adults
• Increase the dose to two or three tablespoons with or without any sweetening agent

Panikoorka / Indian borage for heaviness in the head for adults

Many times, I have felt heaviness in my head after a fever or after travelling or sometimes after heavy work. Those times I rely on this medicine for quick relief. Just take a few drops of this Indian borage juice and apply on the centre of the head ( nerukku or uchhi thalai). Leave it like that and you will soon find relief.

Kana koorka/ panikoorka for Skin problems

Just grind the leaves and apply on the skin to cure burns, stings, cuts, and small wounds. It also helps in providing relief from itching and other skin problems. If you like to have flawless and pimple-free skin, then use this remedy once in a week. The way I use Panikoorka or Indian borage for my skin is as follows.
Grind the Indian borage leaves with yoghurt, Multani mitti and wheat flour. Apply this mixture on your face and wash off. Do this twice a week to find your pimples fading away.

Other uses of Indian borage

I have used the juice of this plant to improve lactation while breastfeeding. Panikoorka or Karpooravalli also helps in preventing indigestion issues and mouth ulcers. The other main use of this herb is that you can use it cuisines to get a different taste and odour, especially while handling non-vegetarian dishes. You can use this herb along with pepper chicken to treat cough and congestion. Both pepper and this herb can work wonders together.

How to grow Indian borage or Panikoorka

If you find a plant somewhere, just grab a small stem along with its leaves. Bring it home and plant in anywhere in a pot or to the soil directly. You will find it grow into a luscious green plant in a matter of a few weeks. It does not require any care other than offering water every other day. I have this plant kept in a pot in my balcony and me being a lazy head, I hardly water it often. The plant manages to stay green and full of life even without a week full of water. See, it is that simple to manage.


Panikoorka or Indian borage is a medicinal plant that offers a load of health benefits. Indian borage or Mexican mint is a commonly used natural remedy that offers results without any side effects. The benefits offered by this plant are plenty, however, I have listed a few that I know, and I have tried. For cough, cold, flu, and fever Indian borage is an excellent natural remedy and you can super rely on it without a doubt. Do you know chocolate is also an excellent remedy for treating a cough? Well, you get to read an interesting post on it in the coming days.

Let me know your take on this medicinal plant and any further uses on the comment section below.


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