Latest Google ads certification exam -2020

2020 Updates on Google ads certification exam

Google has brought the latest updates on its certification programs related to Google ads. They have moved the website from academy for ads to skill shops. Until now, it was easy for students to pass the exam, as all the answer keys were available at various websites.

However, nothing to worry as Google has given an excellent solution to crack the latest Google ads certification exams if you are ready to put in some hard work.

How to get Google ads certification – google certification latest 2020

You can visit skill shops directly! Below you can see the snapshot of the page.  

google ads certification latest update 2019 September |
search ads certification |google certification latest  2019|
latest Google ads certification exam

Click on the Google ads and you will be directed to the page as displayed below

google ads certification latest | update 2019 September |
search ads certification |
latest Google ads certification exam|
google certification latest  2019

On the above page, you can choose which certification exam you want to attempt and clear. I have chosen the search ads as my category and I attempted the same. When you click search ads, you will be directed to the page as below.

latest Google ads certification exam

You can start by clicking the “Learn the fundamentals of Google ads search “to get the basics. Previously, two exams were required to get the certification. One is fundamentals of Google ads and the second one was optional (search, display, video, shopping and app). Now, that pattern is changed and you have to clear only the second exam whichever you want to attempt. They have removed the fundamentals certification from their certification category. 

Learn the fundamentals of Google Ads Search

In this module, Google gives detailed information about creating and customizing ad campaigns for your potential customers. They have also listed out various bidding strategies, creative’s of ads and ways to improve campaigns for achieving business goals. 

These are the topics covered in Google’s latest updates for certification exams.

  • Improve Business with Google Ads 15 m
  • Importance of Google Search 32 m
  • How Google ads auction work 11 m
  • How to deliver the right messages with Text Ads 9 m
  • Ads Relevance and Ad Extensions 19 m
  • Automated Bidding 12 m
  • Use of Search Audiences 21 m
  • Performance with Optimization Score 11 m
  • Improve Conversions using Performance Planner 15 m

By learning these modules in detail, you can surely pass the certification. Thus, you can also gain insights on “how to work with Google ads for business”.

Google Ads Search Certification

When you click Google ads search certification, you will again see a few modules or learning guides that are important to crack the exam. These modules cover topics such as smart bidding, audience solutions, and tools that can boost campaign performance. Google has played smart and now rolled out an easy and understandable version of learning guides that are precise and clear.

Google certification search ads assessment 2019 update

The Google search ads exam spans over 75 minutes and one has to answer 50 questions. There are multiple-choice questions, match the following type and true/false types. If you ask about the difficulty level, it covers a wide range of concepts and logical reasoning is important to crack the questions.

Few examples from the latest pattern of Google search ads assessment exam

  1. What are the benefits of performance planner?
  2. What are the core principles with which Google ads function?
  3. How does optimization score work?
  4. Why automated bidding is better than manual bidding?
  5. What do you mean by ad extensions?
  6. What are the benefits of ad extensions?
  7. How can you improve ad rank and ad quality?
  8. What strategy should one use to improve website traffic?
  9. How does Google calculate optimization score for a given AdSense account?
  10. What is the optimum number of ads one should create in an ad group?
  11. Mention the number of characters allowed in the description component of an ad?
  12. What is the number of characters allowed in the headline component of an ad?

The skill shop page provides every single detail about each concept and they even provide knowledge assessment questions after every module.  


As before, it is not easy to crack the latest Google ads certification exam. However, if you are an expert in using Google Adsense, and if you have practical experience working with Google ads, then it is a cakewalk. For students who have studied digital marketing course and yet to take certifications, beware. Learn the modules before attempting the exam else you won’t be able to understand the concepts.

Have any doubts? let me know in the comment section below.


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