Red flame ivy plant Natural remedy for cuts 2020

Red Flame ivy plant natural remedy for quick wound healing

Numerous home remedies help to heal open wounds faster, however, Red flame ivy is super quick in delivering results. I know there are long lists of herbs that heal wounds faster, but I seriously vouch for red flame ivy. You must be wondering what is red flame ivy. Nothing to worry, this article will give you detailed information about this wonderful herb which is an excellent natural remedy for wounds

What is Red Flame ivy plant or Muriyan Pacha?

The botanical name of Red flame ivy is Hemigraphis colorata Blume. It belongs to the family Acanthaceae, and there are different varieties across the globe. You can call this plant by various names such as Cemetery plant, Purple waffle plant, Murikooti and Ayurveda addresses this plant as Vranaropani (meaning – wound healer). In Kerala, India, we call this herb as Muriyan pacha as it helps to heal wounds faster. This plant is native to the tropical regions of the globe especially tropical Malaysia and South East Asia. This natural herb grows in plenty across India, China, Indonesia, and Japan.

Medicinal Uses of Red Flame ivy plant or Muriyan pacha

Parts of Red flame ivy used for medicinal purpose – Leaves

Here is a quick rundown list about its medicinal uses
  • Red Flame Ivy offers a variety of health benefits; however, it is widely popular for its instant wound healing properties. This herb is an efficient natural remedy for wounds that do not heal or infected wounds that give you irking pain. It gives almost instant results and stops bleeding in fresh cuts and wounds. It acts as a natural antibiotic for cuts and quickly joins the skin closing the wound permanently
  •  People across various traditions in the world use leafy decoction to treat gallstones, blood dysentery, haemorrhoids, and excessive menstruation. However, not much information is available about the dosage and method of decoction preparation for treating these ailments.
  • Red flame ivy also works as a diuretic and also helps to treat anaemia.
  • Some medical journals also quote that the juice from leaf buds works as a contraceptive and induces sterility. 
  • Helps to deal with skin problems due to its antibacterial properties
  • Studies are on the way to discern its blood sugar lowering capabilities. Ayurveda already uses the antidiabetic property of this herb Flamere in many of its medicines. Red flame ivy also exhibits anti-inflammatory properties.

Murikooti/muriyan pacha/ Red flame ivy plant – How to identify and grow

Red Flame ivy plant has dark purple foliage that grows all around the year. It is one of the favourite choices of expert gardeners when it comes to ornamental varieties. This is mainly due to two reasons; it helps to cleanse and purify the air. Secondly, it gives a great look when planted indoors as well as outdoors, especially in hanging baskets. This herb is a prostate shrub and its branches lie just above the ground. The stem does not stand erect but spreads around an area with its attractive purple-coloured leaves. Red flame ivy or Murikooti has white tubular flowers.

Where can I find Red flame ivy plant?

Red flame ivy is easily available in nurseries and those who know to identify this plant can easily find it in the wild. You can easily grow it by propagating the stem. It grows almost quickly and requires the least maintenance. It requires moist and well-drained soil to grow into a luscious herb.

Red flame ivy natural remedy for wounds

Chemical contents present in Red Flame ivy plant

Many studies have pointed out that this natural herb contains various extracts that are of great medicinal value. It has antibacterial, antidiabetic, and anti-inflammatory properties that make it an excellent natural remedy for various disease.
Ancient Ayurveda uses this herb extracts in various supplements and decoctions to treat a wide range of ailments. This herb contains chemical components such as Saponin, flavonoids, steroids, cinnamate, tannin and polyphenols. These components offer curative properties and studies have shown that this herb has glucose-lowering effects and excellent wound healing properties. For centuries, people across various traditions had used extracts of this herb in making drugs and health supplements.

How to heal wounds faster using Red flame ivy plant or Muriyan pacha

Take a few fresh leaves to make a fine paste out of it and apply it to the affected area or wound. You will see the bleeding stop in no time and the cuts will soon join without leaving any marks behind. This is the only natural remedy for wounds that I have seen giving almost instant results. I have tried this many times on my kids and myself. This is a must-have herb in your home, either indoors or outdoors.

It can heal a variety of cuts such as a one from the kitchen knife, from a fall, bruised knee, and hands. The leaf juice healed a deep wound from a spading fork that I got while gardening. I wasn’t sure whether it would work, however, I used it as first aid before I could reach out for further help. The bleeding stopped almost quickly and as a result, the pain subsided. 

Red Flame ivy plant best Indoor Air Purifier and cleanser

The purple-red foliage of Red flame ivy is not only attractive but also the best choice when it comes to indoor air purifiers.  In the US and UK, many are using this herb an ornamental piece indoors. It helps to remove toxins from the indoors and as a result, you get to breathe fresh and clean air.

As you all know, that indoor air is more polluted than the outdoors, it is important to cleanse the indoor air. You can easily achieve this by planting shrubs that purify the air. Red Flame ivy is the best herb that is easily available and you can easily propagate it. Plant this shrub indoors and outdoors so that you could use it as first aid as well as an air cleanser.


Red flame ivy is the best natural remedy for wounds that comes quite handy as first aid so make sure to grow one at your home. The sad part is that most of us do not even know that such a wonderful herb exists. I knew about this herb when I went to my native and so I started telling people about this herb. I wanted people to know about this excellent first aid. Through the blog post, many will come to know about this natural herb and make the most out of it.

More suggestions and ideas regarding this herb are most welcome. Post your thoughts below.

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