Google ads certification – 2019 answers

Here is a list of google ads certification 2019 answers taken from Skillshop page of google.

Which of the following can you customize with audience signals to make Search campaigns more efficient?  Select the best answer.

  • Keywords
  • Networks
  • Headline length
  • All of the above

Affinity Audiences allows advertisers to reach people who’re actively researching and intending to buy the products or services they offer. Select the best answer.

  • True
  • False

If an advertiser doesn’t want to add remarketing tags to a website, why would Customer Match be a good fit for them? Select the best answer.

  • It wouldn’t be a good fit. You have to tag your website to use Customer Match.
  • Customer Match allows you to reach people who have been to your website.
  • Customer Match relies on your own data instead of a remarketing tag.
  • Customer Match allows you to reach people who haven’t been to your website yet.

Optimization Score is made up of over 50 recommendations to optimize Search campaigns. Select the best answer.

  • True
  • False

Which of the following factors wouldn’t change an account’s optimization score? Select the best answer.

  • Renaming campaigns
  • Shifts in spend mix
  • Changes in tracked conversions
  • Changes in auction dynamics

How are optimization score suggestions ordered on your Google Ads Recommendations page? Select the best answer.

  • By least impactful optimization
  • By most impactful optimization
  • Alphabetically
  • Randomly

Which of the following are components of Performance Planner’s forecast methodology? Select all that apply.

  • Validation
  • Simulation
  • Machine learning
  • Forecasting

How often should you repeat the budget planning process using performance planner?

Select the best answer.

  • Annually
  • Monthly
  • Weekly
  • Daily

What’s the main goal of the Google Ads Performance Planner tool?   Select the best answer.

  • It helps you choose your future bid strategy.
  • It helps you forecast and determines your budgets, while also improving your return on investment.    
  • It helps you forecast what your minimum budget should be across campaigns.
  • It helps you forecast and guarantee a return on investment based on future budgets

It’s best practice to separate campaigns with different marketing objectives into different Performance Planner plans, so that spend is not reallocated between two different marketing budgets or objectives. Select the best answer.

  • True
  • False

It’s 9 am, and you’re sitting in an airport in London, looking through email on your laptop. You realize you forgot to book a hotel for your trip to New York to see the Statue of Liberty. ( Rearrange )

  • Intent  –  I am sitting at an airport in London
  • Device – I love architecture and statue of liberty
  • Interest – It is 9 pm
  • Time – I need to book a hotel room
  • Location – I am using my laptop


  • Intent  –   I need to book a hotel room
  • Device – I am using my laptop
  • Interest – I love architecture and statue of liberty
  • Time –   It is 9 pm
  • Location – I am sitting at an airport in London

What are the three ad extensions that every advertiser should use?

  • site links, callout extensions, and structured snippets
  • site links, promotions and price extensions
  • callout, message and snippets
  • seller ratings, message and structured snippets.

Susane is a digital marketing manager for an online store that sells bikes and cycling gear. She wants to use as many ad extensions as possible. Which three ad extensions would you recommend for her?

Select all that apply.

  • Structured snippets
  • Callout extensions
  • Location extensions
  • Sitelink extensions

Which ad extensions can serve automatically?  Select all that apply.

  • Message extensions
  • Callout extensions
  • Sitelink extensions
  • Structured snippets

Why do search ad extensions matter?   

Select the best answer.

  • The cost-per-click on ad extensions is lower than on a search ad headline.
  • They guarantee higher engagement for advertisers.   
  • They increase engagement and influence ad quality.
  • They increase ad quality and drive lower conversion costs.  

Match the marketing goal to the correct ad extension.   (already matched correctly)

  • Location extension –  You operate many retail stores and want potential customers to see the distance from their location to your stores.
  • Sitelink extension –   You’re interested in directing people to specific pages on your website.
  • Call extension –  You’re focused on driving phone calls to your business.
  • Structured snippets –   You want to describe the features of a specific product your business offers before customers click on the ad.

Up to how many characters can each description field have?

  • Select the best answer. 120 characters
  • 45 characters
  • 60 characters
  • 90 characters

Steps to create a text ad in Google Ads ( placed in correct order )

  • Sign in to your Google Ads account.
  • In the page menu on the left, select Ads & Extensions.
  • Select the + button and choose the Text Ad option.
  • Enter a URL, headline, and description. Remember that you can also enter the optional Path fields. As you type, a preview of the mobile and desktop version of your ad will appear.
  • Save the ad after you are done.

How many ads should you be implementing per ad group? Select the best answer.

  • One or two
  • Two to three
  • Three to five
  • Only one

How does Google Ads generate responsive search ads?   Select the best answer.

  • Google Ads mixes and matches headlines and description lines that have been provided.
  • Google Ads creates them based on existing high performing ad copy.
  • Google Ads creates them based on existing ad copy, landing pages, and extensions.   
  • Google Ads mixes and matches headlines and URLs that have been provided.

Which of the following factors is not considered by Ad Rank in its calculation? Select the best answer.

  • Rewriting ads with low CTRs
  • Context of query
  • Increasing the conversion rate of your landing pages
  • Testing new ad formats and extensions

Which are the three factors that determine that quality of an ad?

  • Expected clickthrough rate, max CPC bid, and landing page experience
  • Expected clickthrough rate, landing page experience, and ad relevance
  • Max CPC bid, landing page experience, and ad relevance   
  • Expected clickthrough rate, ad formats, and ad relevance

Which features describe a good landing page experience?  Select all that apply.

  • Transparency about your business
  • Easy to navigate   
  • High amount of user traffic 
  • Relevant and original content

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