Google ads certification 2019 – Answers and hints

Google ads academy has been providing all the modules and the certification exams until august 2019. Now, the Adwords certification pattern is different and the Google ads fundamentals exam no longer exists.  Instead, you need to clear any of the exams (search, display, shopping, app, etc.). Google AdWords academy is now available at a different webpage skillshops. To get certified in AdWords, one has to learn the modules listed out on the catalogue and attempt the exam.

Pattern: Google has explained Google ads Modules in simple terms, easily understood by an average English speaker. The modules explain each concept with real-life examples and it easy for anyone to pass, if you master the modules.

  • No fundamental exam
  • You can learn the modules and take a knowledge assessment test ( optional but recommended)
    Google ( search/shopping/app/display/video) assessment exams : 50 questions 75 minutes
  • You need to clear 40 questions out of 50 to pass the exam
  • If you fail to achieve the same, you can try again after 24 hours on the same Google account or try again with a different Google account

Google ads certification – Now available at skillshops

To get AdWords certification you will definitely have to go through the modules, to gain an in-depth understanding. I am sure that answer keys to the Google Adwords exams 2019 questions will come out soon, in various sites. However, I am of the strong opinion that one should understand the concepts and then attempt the exam for the best results. If you merely need a certificate then, there is no point getting a certification.

To make things easier I have jotted down a few notes on Google search ads or Google AdWords certification.

How to pass the Google AdWords certification exam?

No shortcuts learn the concepts and you will reach your destination. I have tried my level best to keep the notes crisp, clear and up to the point. My intention is to help you pass the exam and at the same time understand the concepts. The notes below are for Google search ads certification exam. So, lets us start

Google Adwords certification – Search ads

What are google ads?

Google ads are a digital advertising solution that helps business houses to reach out to the audience and convert them into valuable customers.

Google Ads help you to reach valuable customers when they search for products and services similar to those that you offer.

  • Google uses updated and smart technologies to drive efficient results for advertising

Benefits of Google ads

  1. Drive sales
  2. Generate leads 
  3. Increase website traffic
  4. Influence consideration
  5. Brand awareness
  6. App promotion

Core value or principle of Google ads: relevance, control, and results

Relevance:  provide the right message to the people at the right time

Control: you can choose how much to spend each day and in ad auctions

Results: measurement tools help you understand how your campaigns are performing

Google reviews your saved text ads to ensure relevancy before showing to customers based on two criteria:   content and formatting

A Google ad contains 3 parts

Below is a sample of a google ad and how it looks

Headline – 3 headlines allowed with a maximum a number of characters 30
Url – display path 15 characters each
Description – 2 description with allowed characters 90

When the user creates or types all these, he or she can see the preview of the ad both in mobile and desktop versions in the side column.

google ads certification exam 2019

Types of Google ad campaign

  1. Search – appear in Google search results and Google partner sites (any website)  or even youtube
  2. Display – appear across 2 million websites, apps, and reaches up to 90% of people using the internet.
  3. Shopping- appear on google shopping along with search results in the form of responsive ads
  4. Video –   appears on live streaming videos or Youtube or other websites and apps
  5. App  – app campaigns appear on all Google properties such as search results, app store, youtube, websites and app

Drive efficiency with Smart campaigns

Smart campaigns – The best way for advertisers who have no idea about Google Ads. It helps advertisers to reach relevant customers and boost results who have limited time and least experience in dealing with Google Ads campaigns.

Optimize your ads campaign and you can customize various features to reach the right set of audience. Around 3.5 billion searches occur on Google on a daily basis. The potential of Google to reach customers is high compared to any advertising method. Google ads will appear when people search for products and services that you offer, along with search results. This is how Google converts user intent into business results.

Decide your marketing goal and create campaigns to attract potential customers.  You can target the following to gain more customers
  • Device targeting
  • Location and language targeting
  • Bidding and budget
  • Ad extensions

How do customers get to see your ads or how will they appear?

When they type specific keywords, relevant ads that contain similar words or phrases will appear in the search results. Therefore, one can create multiple ads for a single campaign to attract more customers.

Keyword targeting

Think like the customer and add a list of keywords that are relevant to your products or service. You can use free keyword tools to generate a list of relevant keywords for your add or the keyword planner from google Adsense account.

Types of keywords in google ads

  1. Broad match:   no symbol – (includes variations such as misspellings, synonyms, or related searches)
    Example:  for keyword ladies watch (women’s watch, buy ladies watch, buy women’s watch)

  2. Broach match modifier:  symbol + sign,  (your ads to appear only if the keyword or its close variations, but no synonyms, are in any part of the search terms)
    Example: + ladies + watch (watch for ladies, buy ladies watch, best ladies watch)

  3. Exact match:  symbol [ ]    ( your ads will only show if the search term contains your exact keyword or close variations of your keyword such as misspellings, plurals, and synonyms.) note that there cannot be any extra words before or after.
     Example: [ladies watch]  ( ladies watch, women’s watch)  but this keyword won’t show for search terms such as buy ladies watch or best ladies watch.

  4. Phrase match – symbol “ “ ( exact phrase or close variations will trigger the ads ) note that no extra words can appear in between the phrase, but can appear before or after the phrase. Example:  “ red electric car “ ( red electric car, buy a red electric car, best red electric car ), the ad won’t appear for a search term like an electric car or red car as it does not contain the phrase listed in inverted commas.

  5. Negative keyword: symbol minus (-), your ads will not appear if the search term contains the negative keyword. For example, you are selling bikes and your ads are showing up when people search for scooter, which is not necessary.  So add – scooter as a negative keyword and your ads won’t appear for search terms with scooter.

Dynamic search ads

When you do not have the time to create an ad or have a list of products on your website, you can let Google do the work for you.

Dynamic Search Ads can help you increase the reach.  In this, you do not have to create an ad for each page or find keywords. Dynamic Search Ads uses Google’s methods and understanding of your site to customize and create your ads to reach customers.

  • The advertiser provides a list of web pages or website, daily budget, and an ad template
  • Customers search for products
  • Google automatically or dynamically creates ads ( generates headlines and  destination URL, but not description lines), if your website contains relevant content in terms of customer search
  • Automatically generates headlines and URL
  • Description lines are not automatically generated and have to be provided by the advertiser

Dynamic search ads value:

  1. Finds traffic an advertiser might miss
  2. It creates new ads automatically

Benefits of dynamic search ads

  1. Reach and coverage
  2. Transparency and control
  3. Efficiency and time saving

In this section, the basics of google ads are discussed and it will surely help to answer a few questions in the certification exams.

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