Google ads search certification- practice questions 2019

Google ads certification questions 2019 – 20 questions

All these Google ads certification questions are based on topics and knowledge assessments provided by google at their skill shop page.

1) Joseph wants to set his brand visibility as the campaign goal, which bidding strategy should he choose?

•             Target impression share
•             Enhanced cost-per-click (eCPC)
•             Maximize Conversions
•             Maximize clicks

2) List out the two main benefits of using Search Audience solutions (Choose two)

  • Making the right bids when certain groups of people are searching for your product or services
  • Identifying the most effective ad schedules to get the best results from your budget
  • Reaching different audience segments with unique messaging that is highly relevant to them
  • Reviewing missed opportunities with regards to ad extensions and ad variations
  • Getting detailed insights into which bid strategies can work best for your search network campaign

3) Which statement is true about serving relevant ad extensions?

•  They encourage users to make more informed decisions and take action.
•   They prevent all irrelevant traffic from clicking on your ads.
•   They generate new creative suggestions for both keywords and ads.
•   They provide advertisers with additional insights within the search term report.

4) Yan wants to attract customers specifically searching on Google for Time-B-Gone, his company’s unique office-support product. His marketing consultant suggests using Dynamic Search Ads, and knows Yan will need to start with a simple approach.

For vendors like Yan, what’s the simplest method for using Dynamic Search Ads?

•             Page feeds
•             Categories from dynamic search engines
•             URL filtering
•             Landing pages from standard ad groups

5 ) You’d like to improve an ad’s perceived quality during an ad auction. What aspect of the ad will be most beneficial for you to work on?

•             Increasing the bid amount of the ad.
•             Improving the navigability of the landing page.
•             Determining the location of users.
•             Removing an extension from the ad.

6) What does layering an Affinity audience with a broad keyword targeting campaign help you do?

• Reach people who have been identified as being in the mindset to buy
• Ensure your ads are only seen by people who have demonstrated a qualified interest in your service and/or product(s)
•  Reach people based on specific demographics such as marital and education status
•   Find new customers that share the behaviours and characteristics of your marketing audience segment

7) Which two people might see an ad with the keyword +black +shirt (set as broad match modifier)? select all that apply.

  •  Someone searching for the term black button shirt  
  • Someone searching for the term shirt
  •  Someone searching for the term I want to buy a black shirt
  •  Someone searching for the term shirt brown

8) Google Ads was constructed around three core principles, focused on helping businesses reach their online potential. The first of these is relevance. Google Ads connects businesses with the right people at the right time. Upon which other principles was Google Ads built?

•             Credits and context
•             Control and results
•             Options and tracking
•             Profit and privacy

9) Gina wants to be able to try out multiple combinations of headlines and descriptions in order to optimize her results. Her marketing department suggests that she use responsive search ads. What are two benefits Gina could derive from using responsive search ads? (Choose two.)

Select All Correct Responses

•             Less click-fraud
•             Greater flexibility
•             Longer funnels
•             More relevance
•             Lower eCTR

10) Wendy is setting up a Customer Match strategy to reach a list of prospective customers. What must she provide?

•             A linked Google Analytics account
•             Conversion tracking
•             Customer relationship management data
•             A Google remarketing tag

11) You can leverage Google Ads’ automated bidding strategy to help get the most from your advertising budget. What are two benefits of using automated bidding? (Choose two.)

Select All Correct Responses

•             Sitelink extensions
•             Bidding suggestions
•             Manual control
•             Machine learning
•             Auction-time bidding

12) When are automated extensions, such as Seller Ratings, shown?

•             When an advertiser manually opts in to receive them.
•             When an account is white-listed for them.
•             When an automated extension campaign is created.
•             When Google predicts they’ll improve ad performance.

13) How can ad extensions contribute to increasing user engagement?

•           By addressing a user’s intent, device, and location.
•           Ad extensions include a “like” button to gauge if an ad is favourable.
•            With attractive images and videos.
•             Ad extensions include a “share” button.

14) Jenny manages the online advertising campaigns for a chain of toy stores with both a physical and an online presence. Which Google Ads campaign should Marisol use to show images of her products, advertise her company’s online and local inventory of toys, and boost traffic to their website and local toy stores?

•             Search

•             Shopping

•             Display

•             Video

15) Lara is an advertising director who has been tasked with optimizing her company’s Google Search campaign. How can Clara use the optimization score to benefit her campaign?

•         To understand the network performance of her website
•          To judge the popularity of her website compared to others
•          To compare the efficacy of her ad text creative with that of other ads
•         To find how close her campaign is from potential ideal results

16) Monica’s looking to limit the number of people who see her Google Search Ad for an all-inclusive vacation to Paris. She doesn’t want to match with people looking for anything else — just “all-inclusive vacation Paris.” So she limits who sees her ad using exact match type.
Which search terms might match with Jennifer’s ad?

•             All-inclusive vacation
•             All-inclusive Paris holiday
•             Best all-inclusive vacation
•             All-inclusive family Paris vacation

17) Which part of a Search ad isn’t automatically generated by Dynamic Search Ads? Select the best answer.

  • Description line
  • Headline
  • Destination URL
  • All of these are automatically generated

18) Arrange the items below in order of hierarchy, beginning with the top level.

1) Account
2) Ad group
3) Campaign
4) Ad

(Answer: 1, 3, 2, 4)

19) What is the key value proposition of Google Search campaigns?

# Show your ads when a customer is searching for your product or service
# Influence organic results
# Appear as a text ad, a video ad, or a banner ad on one of Google’s partner sites
# Reach people on that might be interested in your brand, regardless of what they’re searching for 

20) What are the three main components of a text ad?

  • headlines, URL, site link
  • URL, description and callout
  • headline, description and URL
  • headline and URL

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