Top SEO Features in Wix 

Do you want to get into the top position of Search engine page results with minimal hard work?

Well, Wix websites can ease that job for you with the help of their in-built SEO strategy.

Implementing SEO (search engine optimization) improves user experience by scaling up the quality of the website. SEO is an inevitable part of a digital marketing strategy as it helps to improve brand name and drive quality traffic through non-paid methods.

Typically, you can rank your website for a number of keywords with the help of SEO and quality content. 

In this article, we will discuss various SEO features offered by WIX that too at free of cost. Remember, good Seo practices improve user experience and improve your website visibility for search engines.  

Once you buy a Wix website it automatically creates a website template for you, or can you design your own website, using the Wix EDITOR. You can add as many as pages in your website and do Seo like a pro with guidance from the WIX SEO wiz. Now you can rank on top Google results using the WIX SEO wiz. 

Below are the features that Wix provides for its users on their website. 

User-friendly SEO guidance 

After creating pages, WIX automatically guides you to create titles, description and other SEO to-do’s using a personalized checklist. It shows a red exclamation mark against items that have to be included in your SEO for pages. It tells you what to include and where to get the best visibility in search results. Complete user-friendly interface and even a beginner can get his or her SEO done in a jiffy.

Robots.txt File automatically generated    

Robots.txt is a text file that is important to direct Google bots or other search engine bots to crawl & index a website. In most cases, installing plugins will help to generate robotics.txt or one can manually enter the text file or code. In the case of Wix, you do not have to move a leg, instead, Wix itself generates a robots.txt file for your website. This instructs search engines to crawl important site content and files without any hard work from your side. Literally, you do not have to bother about robots.txt if you are working on a Wix website.

Avoid content duplication issues

Canonical URL’s actually tell search engines which pages to index and rank. The WIX SEO WIZ does its job perfectly and gives you the option to add the primary URL or canonical URL for any page in the advanced SEO settings. Each page of your site has its own canonical URL, so only the relevant pages or content will appear in search results.  

Easy to add Meta Tags

With the help of Wix Platform, one can easily include Meta tags that give adequate information to the search engines about the content of our website. This platform helps you to add or modify tags anytime depending on the content. 

Free and advanced hosting 

With WIX, hosting is like a cakewalk. They provide free hosting services and security to protect sensitive data. When you purchase a Wix site, you get a free SSL certificate, so that user data remains safe and secure. You can flaunt with the https version of your website ultimately at free of cost.

Get your data organized

Wix helps to present data in a structured form in search results. You can present your page or website with a variety of data via schema markups. This will help search engines to display rich snippets for your website or webpage. This will help to improve click-through rates for your website. 

Automatic XML Sitemap generation

Sitemaps are essential and crucial for any website. It instructs search engines to find and crawl all your relevant site pages. It is more like a route map of your website. Wix automatically creates and maintains sitemaps for your website. With Wix, your website stays ahead and updated. In other platforms such as WordPress, one has to generate XML sitemaps using plugins and enter those manually into place. Wix is simply easy to handle and gives you total freedom from most of the tedious tasks. 

Highly responsive 

Wix sites load quickly and the response time is super quick. It provides great user experience and the loading time is unmatched compared to other website builders in the industry.

Create mobile-friendly versions 

The number of users using mobile phones is on the rise day by day. It simply means that all the websites available on the internet should be mobile-friendly. Wix generates both the mobile version and a desktop version of the websites to perform well across various devices. 

Get your sites indexed in no time 

 Wix helps to list your site in Google in a matter of a few minutes. The Wix platform prompts the user with a few questions such as information about the website, keywords and location of the business. This will generate a personalized plan which you can easily follow using the Wix Seo Wiz. In addition, get your sites easily indexed and visible in search results using the Wix SEO. 

Bottom line 

To sum up, the Wix website builder is easy to use for designing and building a website. When it comes to Seo, this platform actually guides you through every nook and corner of your website, where Seo plays a major role. It guides you to follow all the SEO steps and finally helping your website to rank in search results pages of major search engines. 

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