You do not find a happy life you make it!

Well, this blog is a mix of ideas and i never took this seriously until i started receiving traffic and people started engaging with me actively via comments and emails. 

About me , i am  working as a digital marketing professional and i provide seo services. Writing is something that i love and it has been my passion for many years.

Creating this website was just as accident and it has given me many things that i have never dream’t off. I was able to learn, research and connect with people across the globe. Thanks to google and the internet industry for empowering people like me. 

Glamgeeks is a blog that resonates my  interests and passion. I write about diverse topics that are helpful for people. My aim is to deliver information that provides value to my readers. I do not believe in flooding this site with unwanted information, rather provide something unique and interesting for my readers. I also  provide digital marketing services.