You will NEVER throw orange peels if you read this

Oranges are wonderful fruits that offer plenty of health benefits. Do you know that oranges are Storage houses of Vitamin C, which is an essential vitamin for keeping our body healthy? This essential vitamin plays a vital role in boosting our immunity power along with providing benefits for skin and hair.

Is orange skin good for our skin?

The orange skin or the peel contains loads of Vitamin C than the fruit itself. That is the reason why orange peels or citrus peels, in general, are great for getting glowing skin. 

Is eating orange peel good for you and is it healthy?

Orange peels or skin contains 

  • Dietary FiberVitamin C, B6, Folate, Vitamin A, Thiamine, Riboflavin and Niacin
  • Calcium, iron, magnesium, copper, selenium, sodium and zinc 
  • Antioxidants, Polyphenols 

Having said all this the skin or peel of oranges are highly beneficial for the skin and the body.

They help to fight against cancer, inflammation and improve digestion. You can have raw orange peels in the form of small strips in your diets.

You can dress your salad with orange strips; add orange zests to your cakes & smoothies or as orange peel candies. 

Note: Make sure to select organic varieties to avoid harsh chemicals and pesticides from entering your body. Have them in smaller quantities in your diets.

Is it healthy to use orange peels for skincare routines?

The simple fact that orange peels contain loads of vitamin C makes it an excellent ingredient for skincare solutions. Most of the cosmetic brands have come up with Vitamin C serums for skin and are probably selling high due to the results they offer. 

However, why buy expensive products when you can make DIY orange peel powder or orange facials at the comfort of your home.

Eating oranges are beneficial for the body, but applying them directly onto the skin can help you get glowing and flawless skin.

Why oranges are good for your skin?

As we age our skin tends to become rough, dry and patchy. Also, you can see dark spots, blemishes, and uneven skin tone. All these issues increase with time, but you can still prevent aging of the skin with home remedies such as orange peel masks or homemade serums. 

Orange peel masks help to build collagen and improve the elasticity of the skin. Thus, you can prevent skin aging to a certain extent. 

Orange skin health benefits

  1. Loaded with Vitamin C 
  2. Helps in improving skin elasticity 
  3. Removes wrinkles and fine lines 
  4. Reduces dark spots and pigmentation
  5. Helps to get rid of dry and patchy skin
  6. Keeps the skin supple and plump 
  7. The best source of nutrition for the skin 

  Make orange peel masks and use them for flawless skin

  1. Select good organic varieties of oranges and wash them thoroughly.
  2. Remove the peels and dry them out in the sun
  3. In hot weathers, it usually dries off completely in two days
  4. Make sure the peels are dried completely and no water content is left
  5. Collect all the dried peels and grind them into a fine powder
  6. You can store this powder for a long time and use it as needed 
  7. Mix the peel along with curd, Multani soil or rose water and apply to the face.

     Potential side effects and risks

Orange peels are generally safe and not cause any allergic reactions. All citrus fruit peels cause a slight burning sensation when applied to the skin initially for a few seconds. Nevertheless, that goes away in a few seconds. Still, you can try applying the same on your hand and do a patch test if required. 

The bottom line

For the skin to be clean and flawless, you have to treat it from the inside and the outside. Having a balanced diet with less processed food and more fruits will help to achieve glowing skin. Along with that, applying natural facemasks made of orange peels will even do more good to the skin.

It will help to get rid of a variety of skin problems in the comfort of your home.

Next time when you eat oranges, do not throw away the peels; instead, use them wisely for the best results. For best results use them religiously for a few weeks and you will start seeing results.