The Ultimate Guide To Chickpeas For Wieght Loss

Chickpeas is an excellent or superfood when it comes to weight loss. It offers fiber, protein and other essential vitamins.  I really bet on Chickpeas for weight loss because it does the job perfectly.

Most of the crash diets to be frank creates, digestive disorders, constipation and eating less calories really upsets our whole routine. This is why; i love to include chickpeas in all the diets that I follow. It is actually loaded with fiber that helps your bowels and at the same time low in carbs and high in proteins. I mean what else you want. 

Chickpeas calories

 1 cup (165 g) of boiled chickpeas contains around 260 calories

  • g protein
  • 45 g carbs
  • g fat
  • g fiber

You can have chickpeas roasted, boiled, or by adding in curry or as salad. However, boiled chickpeas offer higher protein and fiber content than roasted ones. Therefore, when it comes to weight loss Boiled chickpeas is clearly the winner.

Are chickpeas good for weight loss?

I wish I could ban this question forever if I could because it should not exist at the first place. Chickpeas are unquestionably one of the superfoods when it comes to weight loss.  It is high in protein, good fats, and low in carbs and has a low glycemic index.

When you eat Chickpeas it keeps you fuller for a long time and prevent you from binge eating. It is an excellent replacement for meat lovers and adding a little spice to chickpeas will keep your taste buds in ecstasy. 

Chickpeas are a healthy contender when it comes to weight loss foods.

Why chickpeas are a great food when it comes to weight loss?

Chickpeas are high in fiber and act as bulking agents in our digestive tract. This sends signal to the brain that we are full and no longer hungry.  This superfood keeps you away from eating food for longer hours as it gives you a fuller feeling. If you are planning to go for a calorie deficit, this is the best food you can include.

In crash diets, people experience problems with digestive issues, constipation, hard stools, and irregularity. Adding Chickpeas will help you to sort out all these issues at once.  It promotes healthy bowels and aids in quick weight loss.


Will chickpeas make me gain weight?

Eating chickpeas does not make you gain weight; it only promotes better digestion, weight loss and offers loads of health benefits.  From my personal experience replacing one meal with chickpea, salad will help you lose weight as well as keeps you full without any cravings.

Is it OK to eat chickpeas every day?

Yes, it is totally fine to eat Chickpeas on a daily basis. Chickpea is a superfood that helps to fight food cravings and keeps your blood sugar under control. If you are planning to lose weight, then adding this superfood to your diet schedule on a daily basis will speed up your weight loss.

Can I eat chickpeas at night for weight loss?

Yes, you can have Chickpeas at night for weight loss. However, make sure to have it in an early dinner before 8 pm.

How to cook Chickpeas for weight loss?

Chickpeas belong to legume family. It offers a load of nutrition to the body. It is important to soak Chickpeas to remove its phytic acid content, so that you can digest it easily. Soaking also makes the Chickpea soft and thus it becomes easy to cook.

You can also make Chickpea Sprouts by soaking them in warm water and keeping it for 3 to 4 days.

Chickpeas for weight loss – Recipes

chickpeas salad | benefits of chickpeas

Chickpea salad –  

Soak chickpea in water for 8 hours. Later pressure cook until soft, strain and season it with drops of olive oil, onion, lettuce leaves, tomatoes or any veggie of your choice.

This you can use as a meal replacement for dinner, however try to have it before 8 for better results.

Chickpea curry –

Soak and pressure-cook for all recipes.

  • Sauté one tablespoon of ginger garlic paste in one tea spoon of coconut oil
  • Add onions and tomatoes as per the quantity and sauté well until onions turn translucent
  • Add coriander and chili powder and stir until the raw smell goes out.
  • Cool the above mixture and grind it
  • Add boiled chickpeas and the above paste
  • Add some water to make the curry lose along with salt and turmeric powder.
  • You can add coriander leaves, garam masala or other spices if you want.
  • Later add curry leaves and remember to limit the oil usage to one teaspoon.

This curry is a simple version and you can make changes according to your taste.

Chickpea with jagerry

Roasted chickpeas along with jagerry will help to kick-start the metabolic level in the body thus helping to reducing obesity. This is a great snack for those who are planning to lose weight and adopt a healthy lifestyle.


Chickpea with mustard and red chillies –

This recipe is typical South Indian style, all you have to do is splutter mustard seeds in oil, add curry leaves and red chillies.  Later add boiled chickpeas and salt. That is it.


Chickpea  with curd

Boil chickpea and mix it with low fat curd. Having this a major portion in your lunch will keep you full for longer and will help to lose weight.


Hummus –

This dish is an Arabic cuisine made using Chickpea which is actually nutritious and filling. You can find various Hummus recipes online. You can have this with multigrain rotis or any type of roti.

Chickpeas side effects

Talking about side effects, Chickpea is a natural food and therefore having it wisely does not cause any side effects. Too much of anything can be harmful to the body. There is a limited amount of fiber that one person should eat one day according to their body weight. So add chickpea to your diet keeping watch of calories. One cup (or katori) of chickpea a meal will not do any bad to your health.

Some people actually tend to have gas trouble while having grams, lentils, and dals. For those, you can have Ajwain water ( ajwain is also called as carom seeds in English, omam, aimodakam ).This will help you to get rid of gas trouble if you have any.

In general, Chickpea does not have any side effects and it is completely safe to eat for all ages.

Fall In Love With Chickpeas For Wieght Loss

Chickpeas have done wonders to my health; I have been able to lose weight without having any cravings by just including this superfood. I have done crash diets, but I always ended up having irregularity in bowels, hard stools, and irritation. However, just by adding this one superfood for weight loss, I can now concentrate on my weight loss regime without wasting time on other issues such as digestion. To know more read  Top ten benefits of chickpeas.

Simple tip to lose weight in a healthy way: Walk for 40 minutes daily, replace your dinner with chickpea salad, also stop taking sugar. You will surely lose at least 1 to 2.5 kgs a month. Try this method and do let me know if it worked for you? It definitely worked for my friends and myself.