Ice cube massage for face Top secret

Ice massage your face for glowing skin

Ice cube massage for face is not a new hack. But hardly anyone cares to do it.

Ice cubes can do wonders, not just to chill your juices, but also to make your skin supple and bright.

Read all the benefits of ice for your face that the cosmetic industry never tells you.  Do you wish to know about the one beauty hack that is underrated and the most inexpensive?

Ice cubes can do wonders, not just to chill you juices, but also to make your skin supple and bright.

Where do you find ice cube? Well it is all-available in your refrigerator and stays there 24/7 and 365 days. You do not need to run to stores or spend dollars to buy it. Then what stops you from using it!  Still confused how to use ice cube as a beauty hack?  No worries, here is everything that you need to know about ice cubes for face and skin treatment.




Ice massage for face | disadvantages of rubbing ice

Ice cube massage for face - Therapeutic effects

I really do not need to educate you folks on how to massage with an ice cube. All you need to do is take a cube and start massaging your face. However, before you do that you need to make sure to follow a few steps.

What happens when you rub or massage with ice on your face?

When you rub or massage ice cubes, it stretches your blood vessels, freezing out the area. This causes less blood circulation and numbness for some time. Later the body supplies more blood to the area to balance out the problem, thereby increasing blood circulation on your face. You feel fresh and skin becomes livelier.

Top 15 benefits of Ice rubbing on face

Disadvantages of rubbing ice cubes on face

To be frank there is nothing countable as a disadvantage when it comes to massaging ice cube on your face. Still you can simply list out these for namesake

When to apply ice on face

Ice massage for face side effects

There are no side effects of using ice cubes for face massage; however, people with conditions like Cold urticaria should refrain from using this method. Some people may be allergic to cold, low temperatures and they should not use this method as it may cause hives in the body when in contact with the ice cube.

Frostbites or freezing of skin can happen if you keep ice packs for more than an hour. Rest assured ice packs are safe and completely good for your skin.


Most frequent questions and answers
YES, you can apply ice cubes directly on face. For those who do not want to apply directly can also use a cloth or a plastic cover to rub on your face. Either way it works wonderfully as you are doing cold therapy on your skin.
It is always better to apply ice cubes on your face without applying a cream or oil or moisturizer. Just wash your face clean, wipe it and start rubbing or massaging with ice cubes.
Yes, ice cubes can be used for spot treatments on pimples. Apply the ice cube on the spot for a few minutes. You will see the size of the pimple reduced overnight. It helps to reduce the redness around the pimple and to get a clear face.
You can mix water with essential oils, use milk, aloe juice, fresh fruit juices or anything to make ice cubes. Rubbing these will provide more benefits to your face over the time.
Ice cubes do not offer instant results, apart from making you fresh and lively. To reduce pimples and make them less noticeable it will take at least a day or two. Constant use of ice cubes for a few weeks will provide you guaranteed results. Including this habbit as a part of your lifestyle will help you delay skin ageing and prevent problematic skin conditions on your face. It will help you to shrink large pores and balance the ph of the skin.

Do the ice cube magic for a flawless skin

Many celebrities across the world use this remedy to maintain youthful skin. Woman who use this therapy stay half their age when it comes to skin.

Consistency is the key to results, not just the remedy alone! Zero expense, huge long-term benefits, all you have to do is invest a few minutes daily for this routine. Pamper and love yourself, you deserve it not just to look beautiful, but to take care of yourself. Looking for weight loss? Read about the famous egg diet.

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