Loose motion is a condition, that actually irks the nerves and drains out all the energy levels. The constant trips to the bathrooms and the burning sensation is quite a thing to handle. Not anymore! 

How to stop loose motion immediately

If you are looking for an instant solution or immediate results for loose motion then you have landed at the right place.

Loose motion is a condition where you have loose or watery stools. Sometimes it may be accompanied by gas, flatulence and stomach pain.

Stop loose motion without the help of any medicines or tablets with this simple home remedy. Trust me this home remedy for diarrhea or loose motion is simply awesome and works almost instantly.

Instant Home Remedy For Loose Motion

Jeeraka kashayam

This kashayam or decoction is an Ayurveda preparation used in Kerala to treat diarrhea, loose motion, loose stools and indigestion issues.

You can easily find all the ingredients inside your pantry and it hardly takes any work to prepare this decoction.

Home remedies are the  best when it comes to indigestion issues rather than relying on conventional medicines. These home remedies are safe and easy to prepare, in addition it also provides effective results in no time.

This recipe is time tested and have been used in my family since ages if anyone has problems related to loose motion. 

What is “jeeraka kashayam” instant home remedy for loose motion?

Jeeraka means cumin and kashayam means decoction. This decoction is very easy to prepare and hardly takes around 5 minutes.

Cumin promotes better digestion of food and keeps the gut in sound health. Drinking cumin water on regular basis is the best way to keep digestive issues at bay. 

Special enzymes in cumin help to break down food and to digest them, so as to improve bowel movements.

How to prepare jeeraka kashayam to stop loose motion instantly ?

Ingredients required:

  • Sugar 2 teaspoon
  • Cumin seeds 2 tablespoon
  • Water 1 cup

Cool ingredients list right!! Yup it’s that simple yet yields amazing results like never before.

Method of preparation:

1) Heat a pan over the stove and add cumin seeds.

2) Dry roast the cumin seeds until it turns black in color.

3) Once all the cumin seeds turn black in color, add sugar.

4) Let the sugar melt itself and form a solid like appearance along with the cumin seeds. Note: do not add water now.

5) Let the sugar completely melt. Now add water from a safe distance.

6) Let the mixture boil for sometime until the liquid turns dark black in color.

7) Strain the liquid and cool it. Drink in medium heat or cold.

8) For sweetness add more sugar or you can drink as it is.

 I bet you cannot find a better instant home remedy for loose motion that works so perfectly!!

How this instant home remedy works to control or prevent loose motions?

Loose motions or diarrhea can be irritating and pulls out all the energy levels. It affects both kids and adults equally leaving them totally exhausted.

This natural remedy actually works wonders without even giving a visit to the doctor’s clinic.

Cumin generally promotes digestion and anti-diarrhea properties. It promotes the production of bile juice and maintains gut health. This is a natural remedy that helps to control symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome. 

Cumin also contains anti-bacterial properties that prevents the growth of food-borne bacteria and certain types of fungus infections.  

This is the only natural remedy for loose motion that has worked brilliantly for my kids and for myself. This instant home remedy remedy for loose motion was passed to my mom from my grand-mother.

I trust this remedy a lot and many of friends have also benefited from using this remedy to treat loose motions. Try this natural remedy for loose motion yourself to see stunning results almost instantly.

How much is the dosage of jeeraka kashayam to stop loose motion?

Jeeraka kashayam is the best home remedy to stop loose motion naturally. It works effectively and almost instantly.  There is no particular dosage for drinking this decoction.

dosage for loose motion in adults: Drink 350 ml to 400 ml or one full cup when you feel you have loose motion.  The condition should subside in 1 to 2 hours.

Drinking this home remedy once is more than enough to control any kind of diarrhea or loose motion. 

when to drink : you can take this drink anytime while having loose motion. 

Loose motion in babies ( 1.5 years and above): The dosage is less than 100 to 200 ml or half a cup for kids. You can give as required. You can also try Mexican mint to cure loose motion in babies less than 1 year.

Does the home remedy jeeraka kashayam for loose motion have any side effects?

Jeeraka kashayam is 100% safe and natural. This decoction is made of natural ingredients and at home which makes it completely safe for all. This is the best home remedy ever for loose motion that works.  I can guarantee complete relief from loose motion if you take this natural remedy.

Also, drink only the amount mentioned and do not drink more than the specified amount. Too much of this drink can  cause hardening of stools.

Is this natural remedy for loose motion safe for pregnant women?

This instant home remedy for loose motion is safe for all, especially pregnant women. It helps to improve digestion, flatulence and prevent gastric issues.

Does this natural remedy cause any allergies?

Cumin and sugar are the only two ingredients used to make this natural remedy for lose motion. If you have any allergies to the above two ingredients refrain from trying this remedy. Otherwise this decoction is super safe and the best natural treatment for diarrhea and loose motion.

Jeeraka kashayam is better than tablets and medications

Natural & instant home remedy that works like a charm

Diarrhea or loose motions can be exhausting. There are tablets or medications that will help you stop the condition.

However, they interfere with the functioning of the digestive system and also come with many side effects. Jeeraka kashayam is 100% natural and does not cause any side effects. This is the only natural remedy that works instantly providing great results.

It helps to remove gas, stop stomach aches and pain. It provides quick relief from loose motion and all related symptoms. 

You can rely on this remedy anytime and can prepare this easily at home. This age old remedy is great to treat loose motion in small babies to adults.

Best natural remedy and instant fix for loose motion

Put an end to the endless loose motion episodes with this natural remedy. 

I hope your search for instant remedies for loose motion ends here. You will not have to search for another remedy ever in your life time to control and prevent loose motion or diarrhea.

Jeeraka kashayam is the perfect home remedy for loose motion, which is 100% natural and comes with zero side effects.

Do Leave your thoughts if this instant home remedy for loose motion worked for you ! share this and let others know the same.