Versatile Vicky egg diet – Instant solution for weight loss

How to lose 10 kg’s in 10 days? Is it possible to lose weight quickly with the versatile Vicky egg diet plan?  Well, let us take look at the egg diet plan and every single aspect in detail regarding this wonderful diet that assures quick weight loss.

To start with, Versatile Vicky egg diet plan is a 900 – 1000 calorie meal plan that facilitates quick weight loss and that is what she mentions at her Video posted on YouTube. She also adds that her friends and family followed the egg diet plan and they got amazing results. She herself tried the diet and found astonishing weight loss results; hence, she took this diet to YouTube.

Versatile vicky egg diet , boiled eggs for wieght loss

What is the Versatile Vicky egg diet plan?

Versatile Vicky egg diet plan is a low cost and easiest meal plan which is easy to follow and bound to provide great results in a matter of a few days. Therefore, what is the meal plan all about! Here is all that you need to know!

Amazing diet for Instant weight loss!

  • Breakfast : 3 boiled eggs and 1 cup of warm green tea

  • Lunch : 3 boiled eggs, 1 apple and 1 cup of green tea

  • Evening: 1 whole apple and 1 cup of green tea

  • Dinner: 1 bowl of oats ( you can add fruits( half apple or berries), nuts or flaxseeds for better taste) ( avoid apricots and raisins)
  • Have green tea one hour before bedtime
  • If you feel hungry in between you can have carrots, cucumbers, and sprouts
  • Do not skip any meals mentioned in this diet
  • Drink loads of water to keep yourself hydrated throughout the day
  • Reduce the intake of salt and sugar for better weight loss results

Calorie counts in this egg diet

bowl of oats with apple for wieght lossversatile vicky egg diet plan
  • 1 boiled egg – 78 calories
  • 1 apple – 116 calories
  • Green tea – negligible calories
  • 1 medium Carrot – 43 calories
  • Nuts – only a few so again less than 30 calories
  • 1 Cucumber – 15 calories
  • 1 bowl of oats – 150 to 170 calories
  • Sprouts –  are high in nutrients and have negligible calories which makes it a perfect weight loss ingredient.
cucumbers_carrortsversatile vicky egg diet plan
Healthy salad option

How about exercise while we follow versatile Vicky egg diet?

She mentions doing mild exercises or to take a brief walk for 15 minutes to get better results. However, it is important not to indulge in heavy workouts or intense exercises as you are only consuming 900 calories a day. Heavy exercise routines can create fatigue and loss of energy.

Is it possible to lose 10 kg’s in 10 days?

Well, I would say it is not impossible as I saw countless comments under her YouTube video post claiming to have lost weight as mentioned. If not 10 kg’s many have lost around 4 to 7 kg’s, which is, of course, a great achievement.

Are there any side effects for this egg diet plan?

No, Versatile Vicky egg diet is completely safe and it contains simple ingredients that are easily available.  Eggs, apple, green tea, oats, nuts, fruits, carrots, and cucumbers fulfil the daily nutritional requirements keeping you well under the caloric restrictions. Therefore, this diet is totally safe and keeps you fuller/longer throughout the day. You actually get to eat tasty food rather than eating bland food and suppressing your taste buds. NO SIDE EFFECTS

Does this egg diet cause any allergic reactions or health issues?

Versatile Vicky egg diet is safe and does not cause any allergic reactions. However, those who have allergies related to eggs, nuts or any specific ingredient mentioned above should stay away from this diet.

Do eggs cause gastric issues or digestion problems?

Having six eggs a day may seem to be mysterious. Moreover, eggs may cause flatulence or produce body heat in some. That is why it is important to drink water and consume cucumbers/ carrots to cool the body. In addition, you can try having sprouts one day and the next day have cucumbers or carrots to improve digestion. In some people, this diet may cause constipation which you can prevent by consuming prunes ( 5 to 6) by soaking in water fortnight. Again in some, it may cause loose stools, in severe cases, you may try home remedies for loose motion. This remedy works instantly. Give a read as this hack might be useful in the future.

Do consuming SIX eggs a day spike cholesterol levels?

Yes, consuming six eggs a day on a daily basis would increase your cholesterol levels. However, this diet is not a permanent diet to be followed on a daily basis. You should follow this diet for short periods and achieve results optimally.  Moreover, this diet is all about 900 – 1000 calories a day and your body uses it for your energy needs rather than storing it. So, no worries of cholesterol rising!

How can we follow this versatile Vicky egg diet plan?

You can follow this diet plan for the following periods

7 days / 10 days / 14 days

I would not recommend taking this diet for a month or so as it would cause nutritional deficiencies. You can safely follow this diet depending on your body needs.  Once you finish a 7-day diet go for a maintenance phase, where you should eat optimally and workout so that you do not gain the lost weight.

Versatile Vicky egg diet reviews

Read reviews posted by people who wanted to lose weight!

This is the only YouTube video in my opinion that has got over 20 k comments and the majority of them being highly positive and motivating. I guess so many people are a fan of this diet and it does offer weight loss as said. Below, I am not mentioning the name, but just the comments that they had left after following this diet below her YouTube post.

“I tried this diet and lost 15 kg in 2 weeks. I did not do any strenuous exercise at all, only 30 mins walk every day. Thanks vicky!”

“I lost 9kg in 10 days just by egg diet, 15 to 20 mins walk and 1.5 to 2 litres of water! I am very  happy i was 80kg and now 70.2kg! “

“ Did this diet for 2 days then eat normal for 2 days. Again 2 days of egg diet n then 2 days of normal eating …this way I don’t miss normal food. Have lost 14 kgs already with this way of eating “

My personal opinion after following this egg diet for weight loss:

I wanted quick weight loss and in just a week, I lost around 3.5 kg or 7 pounds by following this weight loss diet. Next week I cheated and I could not go ahead with the diet; however, I did not gain the weight back as I went for daily walks and ate moderately.

In my opinion, you will lose around a kg or more than that in just two days of this diet. If you can follow this diet strictly for 10 days, then am sure you can create a major difference in your numbers.  This is the only diet other than intermittent diet that offered weight loss that too so quickly.  

Bottom line:

You can easily feel lighter on your feet if you follow this versatile Vicky egg diet plan strictly. With no other diet plan, I was able to feel the same way as I did with this egg diet for weight loss. Only thing is one needs to be consistent and above all NO CHEATING.

On the other hand, I feel this diet is not a long term solution. One has to make lifestyle changes to lose and maintain weight in the right way. Take a look at some lifestyle tweaks that will actually help you to lose belly fat and weight consistently.